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First of all...


        I am solely here to provide nurturing care in a safe environment. Every child is guaranteed a healthy homemade meal, snuggle time, frequent diaper changes, kisses on boo boos, swift trips to the bath room for potty breaks, help with the process of potty training, bottle fed craddled in loving arms, consoling them when they are missing you and last but not least, made sure that they are comfortable and happy as much as possible!




         Every child will benefit from whether they are 6 months old or 5 years old with our daily activities. We know that the first years in a child's life is a critical time that can determine succuss in school, relationships and life. So each month we order our preschool curriculum from Mother Goose Time. Mother Goose Time is a professionally developed preschool curriculum that nurtures the whole child and supports the child's social, emotional and intellectual growth. Each tool included in their monthly curriculum kit is intentionally designed to meet a range of preschool skills. All tools are based on research and best practices. Please visit for more information.


         We will also keep their minds stimulated with Playing Dress Up, Puzzles, Play-doh or Clay, Painting Pictures, Building with Blocks, Lincoln Logs, Tools, Salon, Hot Wheels, City and Road Rug, Musical Instraments, Tents and Tunnels, Kitchen and Pretend Food, Bowling Set, Fire House and Trucks, Chalk Boards, White Boards, Reading Books, Building Train Sets, Coloring Pictures, Mr Potato Head, Tea Parties, Board Games, Arts and Crafts....and the list goes on!


            Everyday we offer plenty of outdoor activity time. It's important to provide an opportunity for your child to learn while exercising their body as well as their mind. The activities we have outside are Slides, Play Houses, Sand Box, Sand Toys, Swings-for Infants and Toddlers, Cars to Drive In, Tricles to Ride On, Teeter-Toter, Monkey Bars, Picnic Tables, Fluffy Full Grass, Sun Light and Shade, Chalk, Jump Ropes, Parashoot, Bubbles, Balls, Hoolla Hoops, Frisbes, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccor, Bug Nets, Kites, Waiting Pools, Splish Splash Baby Pools, Slip'N'Slides, Toddler Pools, Mister, Water Hose Play Activity, Bounce House...and much more! It's always fun playing games outside too, like Red Rover, Hide and Seek, Duck Duck Goose, Tag, Mother May I, Simon Says, Chase and Follow The Leader! 

              At the end of each day, you can always recap all of the activities that we did by reading our White Board that lists everything we kept busy with. It even lists our daily menu as well!


We Abide by The State of California Child Care Licensing Guidelines for the Teacher-To-Child Ratios.