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Quotes my son has being going to Nicole since Nov 09 and she is the best there is. I trust her so much that my other son is going to be going there starting in late November of this year. I also love the projects she does with the kids and the learning activities. Thank you again Elizabeth C Quotes

Quotes My daughter was 2 1/2 when she first started at Parentz View with Nicole. It was her first experience with daycare and spending her days away from me, when I went back to work. Peyton loves going to her "friends" house as we refer to it. At 2 1/2 she was developmentally behind with her language skills, speaking only a hand full of words. Within weeks, we saw a difference and now we can never get to stop talking. She has a huge vocabulary and is very articulate. Language development is not the only area of improvement we have seen since being in Nicole's care. She is working on being Kindergarten ready, with shapes, colors, numbers and letters. The workbooks they work on are very age appropriate and the activities they do throughout the day challenge each child based on their current development. Nicole and her family will always be considered apart of our family. We all love Nicole and all the Parentz View friends. Quotes

Quotes ALL of my friends in the Inland Empire are JEALOUS that we had Nicole to help RAISE our daughter. Nicole AND her staff didn't just take care of our daughter during the day, she TAUGHT our daughter many things that got her ready for Preschool and now Kindergarten. More importantly, our daughter would come home everyday with something new and exciting that Nicole and her had done together. Can't say enough about Parent View and Nicole. Now that our little girl is in Kindergarten, all she talks about is going back to see Nicole!!! Thanks a million Nicole!! Tony M. Quotes

Quotes "Nicole and her daycare are the best thing that happened to us. I was a little skeptical at first about at home daycare's, but Nicole definitely changed that. My daughters vocabulary has just exploded. She has become so intelligent and outgoing. Nicole definitely makes it more like a preschool than just a daycare. My daughter learns new things everyday. And when I come pick her up, Nicole puts up a board on what they did for the day and what they ate which I liked. She and her assistants are all-stars at potty training. I am a first time mom and had NO CLUE what i was doing. They helped get her started and when they felt she was ready, i took over. Now she is about 99.9% potty trained and I love it! Nicole is great! I highly recommend her to anyone." Quotes

Quotes When my children spend time with Nicole at Parentz View Child Care have a great deal of fun and are never bored. She has given my daughters such loving attention and the loving nature of our daughters is a great testimony to this. As a worry wort, overly-concerned parent, I greatly appreciate Nicole?s honesty. She keeps us informed of what happens during the day, whether it?s a new word our daughter is using (or new word through sign language that Nicole has taught her) or the fact that she bumped her head while playing. Nicole is able to walk that fine line between "the fun one" and "the disciplinarian." That is not an easy task, but she manages it with ease and therefore is able to retain the children's respect. Nicole has cared for my children often and I trust her with them completely. Anytime I am in need of a childcare provider, I think of Nicole, so I do not hesitate in recommending her daycare. I strongly encourage you to jump at the opportunity to have her care for your kids. Quotes
Michelle P

Quotes I have known Nicole for 12+ years and I can honestly say I have never met anyone like her. She?s a; Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend, Loving, Compassionate, Kind, Caring, Funny, and Patient person? those are just a few words that describe her. When she was younger, she was a Nanny, but I know she wanted to care for more than one child. So when she told me she was going to open up her own daycare, I knew it was the perfect fit for her. Her home is warm and welcoming and the safest place for a child of any age. My son has spent many days with her and I always know that he is getting the most amazing care and attention. She teaches the kids respect and responsibility, and all things a preschool would. What I love most about Nicole and her daycare is that she has so much LOVE for each child. Quotes
Taylor K

Quotes I was a little hesitant about my daughter going into a home daycare, but Nicole was able to relieve all of my concerns. She was incredibly organized and kept the play areas immaculate. She had a planned schedule and daily activities that encouraged development and growing social skills. For the year and a half that my daughter was there, Nicole was extremely reliable. She always made it a point to have a healthy environment. My daughter loved going there each day and always came home with cute crafts and projects. Nicole even made her a personalized picture book of all the fun times she had there that my daughter still looks at to this day. I also appreciated the open door policy, that parents could pop in whenever they'd like. I thought it was a nice touch that helped me trust that there was nothing being hidden from me. I would recommend anyone to just go meet Nicole, and I guarantee afterwards you will not have any doubts about where the best place for your child will be. Quotes
Lindsay B

Quotes You were such a good friend growing up with you. We had so much fun and you always loved and knew how to handle and be reasonable with kids. You always made uncomfortable situations a welcoming one with your jokes and sence of humor. I can leave my son with anyone and worry all day while I'm at work. But I chose to keep him with you because I know that you would treat him like he was your own. You are such an important person in my son's life and for that I am truely greatful! It has been a joy being around you and your loving family. I am also so glad to have had the pleasure of working with you and getting to see what goes on when parents are away. It just blows my mind of how much attention to detail that you really put into each and every child that is there. I can honestly say that I have the best boss ever! Quotes
Angie P

Quotes I was a stay at home mom before I decided to enroll my daughter at Parentz View Child Care. I had decided to get back to work so it was a huge decision on where I would have my daughter taken care of. I came across Nicole Scott's ad on Craigslist and after through research and calling past parents I felt that this would be a good match! And boy was I right! My daughter was about 1 1/2 when she started and she continued there until she was almost 4! Nicole treated my daughter as one of her own, the environment was always clean and organized, she kept to a schedule that worked and they did a lot of fun projects and had a ton of play time. To this day, we still talk about Nicole and her family and try to connect with them as much as we can! I would recommend any family looking for a loving safe place for their children, to consider Parentz View Child Care. She really is an outstanding care provider but not only that she is just a great person all around. We love the Scott family! Quotes
Stevie M

Quotes Nicole's day care has worked out great for my son. It's a fun big home with a nice yard. Even though my son goes to school now she is someone I can depend on when school is closed. Great home away from home for kids! Quotes
Tinkai M